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Helping small business navigate the digital marketplace

A Digital Marketing Consultancy to help you at every stage

At Become we know you are the kind of people who want to understand and thrive in today’s digital space. In order to get there, you think have to be an early adopter, a tech native or worse be 17! The problem is, you’re busy running your business and possibly over 30, which makes you feel frustrated, or maybe embarrassed. We believe that’s simply wrong. Having run our own business for 20 years we understand your pain and having worked with hundreds of clients in marketing and digital throughout this time we have experienced it all! Here’s how it works, simply think about what you need help with, give us a call on 07771 713361 and we’ll set up a meeting. Why remain in the dark about why your marketing is not generating the leads you need and start getting the light-bulb moment every day.

Established in 2001, we’ve evolved over 20 years of specialist web and software design, to provide digital marketing solutions to transform your bsuiness.

Owned and managed by Morna Robertson, our clients range from small start-ups to large businesses. Morna is also a Business Gateway Digital Boost Consultant, providing one-to-one support across a variety of Business Gateway providers throughout Scotland. Over the past 4 years Morna has delivered over 200 client engagements in a variety of industry sectors.

We offer a wealth of experience in Digital Consultancy, Planning, Design, and Web Development.

We help you find new ways to make the best of emerging technologies in today’s digital space.

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No project too small - we're happy to help

With a focus on helping small business navigate the digital marketplace, we offer one to one support at Company Director/Owner level. Each project is different and we bring a wealth of experience to ensure your business takes the correct steps.

It may be help re-platforming of your legacy website, a full rebrand or even your first step into social media, we will guide and advise you through the whole process. Projects we help with include:

  • Sourcing agencies
  • Interviewing process
  • Scoping and requirements gathering
  • Report writing
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Writing

We take a personal and personable approach and are dedicated to transforming your approach to digital marketing.

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