Time Management Matters

POSTED ON: February 19, 2021

How you manage your time matters. This is especially true if you are self-employed and or are running a business. You can be juggling many balls and the day can and will get away from you very easily. That’s why its important to know ‘what your power hours‘ are.

At Become HQ, a 6.30am start is absolutely the norm. With a daily hour for yoga, most of my most productive work hours are early in the day. Sticking to the discipline of early an start, exercise and mindful eating has become a way of life and allows me to get the maximum out of each day.

I work and manage multiple clients and projects at once and have to be adaptable and responsive to what these clients and projects demand. Being organised, well rested and fit are key to my strategy.

It’s also important to allocate hours in the week to marketing your own business and most clients tell me, Friday morning is their sweet spot for focusing on this work.

Structure your day, then your week and watch the tasks get eaten up. Be disciplined every day and you” reap the rewards.

What are your power hours?


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