When you’re supplying some of Britain’s most prestigious chefs and restaurants how you present yourself is key, especially when you are selling your product online. That’s why Gianpaolo La Greca – owner of Sapori Truffles trusted Become to take his business forward with a new stylish, responsive and mobile-friendly site.

Gianpaolo has been a client of Become for over 10 years. During this time he has taken advantage of Become’s ActiveCommerce eCommerce platform to sell his products; its designers to produce branding that matches the high quality of the products and Become’s e-mail marketing expertise to reach out and interact with his customers. Together with these services, as well as Gianpaolo’s tremendous passion and knowledge of fresh truffles, Become have helped Sapori grow over the years.

A new site was commissioned in 2015 to continue to give Sapori the strong, elegant and contemporary look that perfectly reflects this upmarket brand. The responsive Sapori website makes use of beautiful images and typography while also ensuring Gianpaolo’s customers can purchase from him on almost any device.

Good web developers and graphic designers are much like truffles – they can be very hard to find. However, before you run out into the vast, busy plains of the internet with a sniffer dog and/or pig it is probably a good idea to simply give Become a call if you need someone to help you the way we helped Sapori.

Services provided:

  • ActiveCommerce
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web Design