Remodelling Pieve Interiors

Posted by Ross on December, 14, 2014 at 11:27 am
Pieve Interiors This month we put Pieve Interiors slick new responsive design live. The new look is given impact by effective use of beautiful imagery from Pieve’s extensive product catalogue which gives the user an ocular treat. I know, we spoil you. It also might help get Joe a few sales, you never know. I just play with the pixels. The design is strengthened further by the use of the slab-serif variant of Roboto, which makes headers and calls-to-action eye-catching with a streamlined, modern look & feel. The copy of the website benefits from the use of Source Sans Pro because of its excellent legibility and contemporary style. Who says copy has to be boring? pieve-2 Pieve is fully responsive and mobile-ready with good support in legacy browsers that makes it useable for most visitors to the site. Both Become and the client love it and we hope you do too.