Remnant Kings

Although Remnant Kings has been trading in Scotland for over 50 years with 6 standalone stores, they had yet to establish an ecommerce presence.

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Become worked closely with the team to design, build and launch their ecommerce store on our Activecommerce platform in 2011. Become worked using existing branding and style guidlelines to present a look in line with their customers expectations.

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The site, now in its 3rd year has reached both the rest of the UK home furnishings market and presented a product showcase which has boosted sales to the stores.

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What Remnant Kings thought:

We approached Become to design and build Remnant Kings’ first e-commerce website and are delighted with the finished product, a credit to the creative talents at Become. They are extremely professional to work with and crucially, very approachable. We continue to work closely with them to grow our online business.

Remnant Kings