CDLH Visual Revamp

Posted by Ross on April, 23, 2014 at 12:23 pm | Tag(s):


As CDLH grows itself as a business so too must their web presence. Recently, we have helped Alan Creevy and Peter Darroch meet their online potential with a redesign and revamp of the site itself. Accompanying the newer branding came a new look for the site with a more varied colour palette, typography better suited to the company via the Lato font family and better use of imagery. All of this spawned from and built upon, the minimalist style of the old website.

The reception and input from CDLH as always was very good and ensured that exactly what the client wanted could be delivered.


The new colour palette used on the site makes the site much more vibrant and eye-catching than it previously was.


The redesign of the properties page and panels enabled CDLH to get as many properties on any given page as possible without impacting the readability, flow or aesthetics of the site as well.